Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Our Divine Birth Right & True Government

Our birthright is divine, and it is our right and duty to claim it! Ignorance of our God given rights, lesda only to slavery and demorization, just as blind obedience,to human material laws, rules and regulation's would finally do. It follow's our full rights must be acknowedged, supported and granted, since every law of limitation, every curtailment of divine rights , is an error in it's self and Must eventually be over come. Taken from What is True Government, from news letter by Max Kappeler

At-One-Ment Must Be By Exsample

At-one-ment Must Be By Example
"Atonement and Eucharist" begins with an overtone of Mind, which shows that "At-one-ment" must be by example. Since "the kingdom of God is within you," our own real Mind must be Love; it must be the infinite good we call God. Mrs. Eddy, like Jesus, taught and demonstrated this oneness with Mind, the kingdom of God within our consciousness. For this we owe them both endless homage.
Mrs. Eddy's work, like that of Jesus, was both individual and collective. Its purpose was to bless all mankind. Mrs. Eddy, like Jesus, acted boldly, against the accredited evidence of the senses, against Pharisaical creeds and practices, against Old Theology. Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy refuted all opponents with their healing power. In Mary Baker Eddy's case, by the year 1906 it was estimated that two million cases had been healed by Mrs. Eddy and her students. Even the prestigious Mayo Medical establishment was sending their incurable patients to Christian Science practitioners, and they were healed.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

" You've Got To Be Carefully Taught "South Pacific...The Musical

Frank Charles McGee

This page is to Honor my other mentor's that have helped me decode the path chosen for me of this investigative renderings ...The Honourble Frank Charles McGee,( my Dah ) who on retiring from Immigration Judge; his speech and article published in The Toronto Star...Wrote On " Hate Crimes " Referring to the Musical "South Pacific", to the Shortest but most profound song , You've Got To Be Care fully Taught. This released alot of self condemnation for me at the time before the story of " Four Eds Sake " was in progress, that I was not necessarily a bad student of Mary Baker Eddy's, because of my rather harsh path. Perhaps I was getting the diluted version of it's teachings and to say nothing of information over load when Alan Young ( Peace be unto You ) , introduced me to the Science of Christian Science in the state of California, after no less than earth quakes , floods , fire's , The Simpson Trial's and and set up by the religion of Christian Science !!!.Both these Gent's saved my life at different stage's of my walk with Mrs. Eddy , event the Victoria Police Prevention Program has helped me " Crack This Case " The Crime of the Century.

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